How to download and install Windows Movie Maker?


1. Open your browser, navigate to "" and click the download button to download setup file.
Download Windows Movie Maker

2. Double click the downloaded setup file: windows-movie-maker.exe . The click "Yes" to allow the setup package to run.
install windows movie maker step 1

3. Click "Next" button to continue with Windows Movie Maker install progress. Select "I accept the agreement" to continue. Of course, please read Windows Movie Maker License Agreement carefully before "Accept" it.
install windows movie maker step 2

4. In the next steps, you can select the destination folder where Windows Movie Maker will be installed, rename the Quickstart group name if you like, etc. It is recommended to leave all these settings as default, just click "Next" button to get the software installed.
install windows movie maker step 3

5. This is the last step. The option "Launch Windows Movie Maker" is checked as default. This means Windows Movie Maker will be launched automatically after the install process finished. You can uncheck this option if you want run the software later.
install windows movie maker last step

6. Finish the download and install process. Then you can make videos with Windows Movie Maker as you wish. Enjoy the software now!